About Our Peer-To-Peer Parking System in New York


Did you ever have one of those days… You’re running late and you need to find a parking spot. You’re looking around and you finally see a space only for it to be taken by someone who comes out of nowhere… Now imagine the same day using parkedit.space. You download our easy to use app and leave your house 5 minutes later than normal. You drive directly to your spot and park. That’s it. Payments are easy and secure and cost less than most parking lots. Premium parking the way you want it.

Do you have a driveway you never use? Do you have a parking lot that isn’t full? List your parking space on parkedit.space and turn your space into cash.

Our company is located in Long Island New York and our software is developed proudly in the USA.

Join the revolution. Download parkedit.space today!

Driver looking over shoulder into back seat