Frequently Asked Questions

For the host

Your driveway has value. The cost of hourly, daily or weekly parking changes by neighborhood as well as the income potential related to location and distance from train stations, parks, schools or other hubs.

Our team of experts can assist you in listing your space for the optimal amount. We typically see spaces listed for $2-$5 an hour and $10-$20 a day.

Keep in mind you set your own rates and can modify your rates at any time.

We charge the renter on your behalf and when you are ready you request payment.

Yes, purchases liability insurance as well as garagekeepers insurance.

For the Renter

1) Sign onto the app
2) Find the spot you would like
3) Schedule an approximate arrival time and how long you need the spot for (Landlords can set options from hourly to monthly)
4) Choose your spot and reserve it.
5) When you arrive at your spot, park your car and snap a photo of your license plate (This allows for the landlord to register your auto has been legally parked)
6) About 10 minutes before your time expires the app can provide a reminder and an option (if available) to extend the time you require for parking.
7) That’s it.

Yes the app allows you to create multiple bookings at once